10 Types of Bedroom Lamps

What type of lighting is best for a bedroom? Your bedroom can benefit from various lighting ideas depending on your personal preferences as well as budget. Make no mistake, your bedroom lighting plays a huge role.

Usually, when people enter their bedroom, they’re thinking of two things: calling it a day and winding down to go to sleep or getting out of bed because it’s the next morning.
Types of Bedroom Lamps
You want your bedroom lamps to help you enjoy your experience in this area. You want them to give the kind of illumination that will ease and calm your mind when you are trying to sleep. At the same time when it’s time for you to wake up, your lamps are also part of that process.

How to choose bedroom lamps?

How do you choose bedroom lamps that will do this kind of double duty? They have to be both soothing and energizing. Certainly, your bedroom can benefit from numerous lighting ideas based on what your top priorities are. You have seen how bedroom color schemes, curtains and carpets can affect the mood of your bedroom. You can bring fun into the atmosphere and simultaneously preserving its overall cozy effect.

Generally, bedroom lamps can be classified into three types.

  1. Accent Lamps to enhance the mood and ambiance of the room.
  2. General Lighting to provide adequate light in the room and
  3. Task Lighting for specific purpose such as reading or working.

However, if you try and shop around, it’s very easy to get overwhelmed. You can come up with all sorts of conflicting ideas you end up on square one.

Here are some clever ideas to get you started and help you put together the right kind of lighting that would help make your bedroom do its job properly.

10 Bedroom Lighting Ideas

Here are the most popular types of bedroom lighting that you can utilize for your beautiful home or apartment.

1. Floor lamps

If you like to read a book sitting on the couch before you go to sleep or so that you can fall asleep (I always do.. LOL!), you might want to try floor laps or standing lamps.

Floor lamp for bedroom
These lamps are bright enough to provide a source of light for book reading in bed. Whether you have a reading nook in your bedroom or you’re just looking to read on your bed, a standing lamp will have sufficient light to get the job done. They will also work well when you are rearranging furniture since they are easy to move around and disassemble.

2. Rope lights

You can create a perfect relaxing mood with these lights if placed strategically around your bed. Below your bed-frames or behind the headboard are great locations to get that warm glow. You can also try placing them on the ceiling. This gives an overall tranquil ambiance.

The key advantage is that rope lights are not so bright that they keep you awake when you don’t need to.

3. Reading lights or Swing Arm Lighting

If you like to read lying on the bed, reading lights make for necessary lighting accessories. They are indispensable for bedtime readers especially those who have a bed companion who is the opposite. Maybe they are sleeping or dozing off at the other end of the bed.

Swing Arm Light for reading
Swing Arm reading lights give just enough glow for your side of the bed. You can enjoy your favorite book without disturbing the person you are sharing the bed with. You can simply leave your lights on so that you can go through your book or magazine. They can be re-positioned through swiveling or bending so you can get illumination to where it is needed.

4. Pendant lights

Generally speaking, pendant lights are often used in kitchen spaces but if you are looking to add style points to your bedroom, you can test these lights out.

The great value that they provide is that they free up space because you just hang them from the ceiling. They don’t take up a corner or wall space. They can also be used above your dresser or even your vanity table for utility as well as to get that modern trendy look.

5. Table lamps

These are for both accents and functionality. They provide light when you’re reading and can even be placed on top of your dressers, bedside tables, or vanity cabinets depending on the kind of look that you are going for as well as your lighting needs.

Table Lamp jumpstory-download20200716-081937
Table lamps are also a good choice for those who work during late nights on the computer or doing paper works.

6. Ceiling fans with Lights

Older days a ceiling fan had only one purpose, to circulate air inside the room and keep it cool. Today the modern ceiling fans come with a light, remote control to adjust speed etc. This way they serve a dual purpose. They not only keep you nice and cool but they also bring the necessary lighting.

Ceiling fan light jumpstory
They often have a lighting fixture in the middle. They can control the temperature in your bedroom and illuminate the area. Make sure to buy a unit that you can control remotely. You don’t want a unit that has a wall switch. When you are ready to doze off, it would be great to just take out the remote, point it at the ceiling fan, and call it a night.

7. Sconces

The standard height for a sconce is six feet depending on your ceiling. This should be above eye level. Especially the ones which are upward-facing so you don’t see the bulbs they contain.

Sconces are great for reading lighting because a lot of models out there have modulated lighting. In other words, you can turn down or turn up the light intensity based on your needs.

8. Recessed fixture lighting

This type of lamps falls under the accent lighting category. Your bedroom needs a general source of light while keeping the room dim and cozy. This is a great way of making sure that the area remains warm and relaxing. This is where recessed lighting comes in.

These are dimmable so you can adjust them depending on the amount of natural light that is coming through your windows. They can also be dimmed to accommodate the kind of mood and ambiance you want for your interior bedroom space.

9. Chandelier

Although not very common in modern bedrooms, chandeliers add that luxury charm in your bedroom. If you are someone who loves vintage style, a chandelier is definitely one on the top of your list. Even if you do not like the look of the rustic chandeliers, you can still make use of this lighting.

Modern bedroom chandelier ideas
You will find plenty of modern looking chandeliers that will work perfectly as accent lighting. Unless you have a large room with centerpiece furniture, position the chandelier above your bed.

10. Flush Mount Lights

If you prefer one big lamp lighting the whole bedroom, the flush mount lamp is a good choice. They don’t take up too much space or overwhelm your room like a chandelier would do.

An important consideration here is the height of your room. The hanging lamps like the pendant lamps or chandeliers will not work for low ceiling rooms. In such a case, a flush mount or a semi-flush mount lamp is the way to go.

The final word

Your interior bedroom area requires a lot of work because you spend so much time on it. You are guaranteed to stay at least eight hours or one-third of your daily existence there. Treat it well and view it as an investment not only in your physical rest but also in your psychological and emotional rejuvenation. That may seem over the top but it’s true. If you have a tough time sleeping or your sleep quality is bad it may be due to your surroundings. So invest in a better bedroom environment and you’d be surprised at the results.