Good Living Room Paint Colors

Your living room is a place to relax and spend time with family and friends. It’s also a great place to lounge around, read a book, watch TV, or just talk with people. You can even share a cup of tea or coffee along with some light snacks. It is an all-purpose, moderate-duty interior space. It’s given the fact that you spend so much time in this area and it is a social space. You have to be very careful in picking out the right combination of color for living room projects. It’s not as easy as you think because you’re not just decorating for yourself. You are also changing its look to accommodate its social function.

Providing a color theme for this piece of interior real estate will not only enhance its whole aesthetic but it can also improve the mood of the people hanging out in it. Here are some living room color themes that you might want to consider.

8 Living Room Color Schemes

Here are 8 color schemes for your living room that will enhance your mood.

1. Coastal Elegance – Blue

If you want to feel like you are on a summer vacation while lounging around in your living room, you might want to try this color scheme. It is made up mostly of sky blue shades.
Blue color wall Living room
Living room color scheme
You can employ a range of colors on the walls, couches, curtains, tables, and rugs to provide balance to the blues. The blue walls give the overall framework for the style you are trying to achieve but the action really takes place in the major and minor accents. You can use wicker chairs or mirrors to add a more natural look to the coastal elegance theme.

2. Warm and Golden Yellow

This theme is monochromatically gold and brings warmth. There’s nothing like the color gold because not only does it remind us of sunlight but, it has an overall welcoming feel and sensibility to it. If you want your living room to embrace people entering it, you can test out this theme.

Paint the lighter hues on the walls for an airy and open look. Next, work with other colors of the warm and golden palette so you can accentuate the walls. What kind of colors should you consider? You can use wheat, topaz, and caramel.  Chairs that are colored brown espresso also gives great emphasis to the general monochrome look.

3. Beach Style – Beige

Beige color wall for living room
Beige color scheme
Beige sandy tones can be applied to your walls, rugs, couches, and coffee tables to create a very comfortable theme. It’s as if you have just set up a patio in an outdoor area fronting the beach. Who wouldn’t want that? Contrast this with sea green and other white accents in your pillows, picture frames, or even bookcases. And you have a living room that gives you a holiday mood.

4. Cool Twilight – Blue Grey

To achieve an intimate and serene ambiance where people feel that they can chill and just relax in each other’s company, you can try this theme. It employs shades of dark blue, grey, and a lighter blue for contrast. You can even use pink pillows and flowers to break the blue monochrome.

To take things to the next level, add white accents to the tables and lamps to bring focal points to the room. Then you can sprinkle personality to it by adding paintings or photographs.

5. Fashion Princess

Ice cream hues can also be used in your living room. This involves colors like strawberry, vanilla, or chocolate. This trifecta of course is the Neapolitan color scheme. You can add neutral pillows with leopard design to compliment it.
neapolitan color scheme
neapolitan color scheme for living room
As you can tell, this applies to a certain type of personality. If you are a larger than life person and you want people to have a good time in your living room that is fairly loud, this is the theme for you. To tone things down or add a little bit of contrast post a black and white artwork on the wall. This anchor down the general look thanks to its difference.

6. Zen Elegance

Espresso and celadon colors are perfect pairs for serenity and elegance. This color scheme gives off energy but in a soft and gentle way. You can contrast both colors on your chairs and walls with the coffee table in espresso.

Celadon color for Living Room
Celadon color scheme
The center of the show is the espresso colors. So make sure that you pick a coffee table or centerpiece in this shade. Neutralize the space with a beige rug or carpet. You don’t want the espresso taking over or sucking up too much energy. This way, when you use a beige carpet, you open up the space to add accents with side chairs and a flower vase in a different shade of brown.

7. Spice and Everything Nice – Autumn

Autumn colors are good for living room spaces. Just gold and deep orange. You can add colors that are next to each other in the color wheel to give a rather monochromatic look. Break the saturated theme with neutral-colored couches and chairs.

8. Vintage Hollywood

If you are looking for a classic Hollywood living room appearance, this color theme is for you. This combination of shades for living room renovations provides a sense of luxury. This is the old Hollywood mystique.

What colors are we talking about? White linen and blue in pale hues. You use this color combination in your choice of the wall color, furniture, velvet pillows, reflective coffee tables, as well at metallic accents. You can also throw in a shag rug in there for good measure.

The big danger with the old Hollywood look is that it may seem too stuffy, formal, or even cold. To fix this, mix up the theme a little bit with dark wood flooring and walls in fawn color.

The final word

Make no mistake, if you are stumped when it comes to finding the right color for living room modeling, you don’t necessarily have to go with the same color scheme that you have before. Please understand that you spend a lot of social time in your living room so this indoor space should maximize or otherwise enhance the whole interactions people have in this room.

Whether you spend a lot of time reading a book or playing a video game, you want to make it socially ready and the ideas listed above can really open up space. It not only makes it a comforting and vibrant place to spend most of your time in but it can also become a centerpiece for more amazing conversations.