Carpet Texture Types

Carpet Texture

Carpets not only come in different colors and patterns, but textures and materials as well. There are good reasons why many people choose carpeting for their home. … Read more

Ceiling texture Styles

Ceiling Texture

How to make your drywall ceiling of your room look good with textures? See the different types of ceiling texture styles and find out what option is best for your home.

Honey Oak Interior design

Honey Oak

Are oak kitchen cabinets making a comeback? Here is how to update with matching wall, backsplash and floor colors that match oak cabinets. Or you could paint them for a modern look.

Carpeted Stairs

Carpeted Stairs

In multilevel homes, staircases are often focal points that have to be useful, durable, and beautiful. If you have stairs in your home that you are looking … Read more