What Color Carpet Goes with Blue Walls?

Hardwood floors have gained popularity for their compatibility with most colors and styles. Especially when that color is less subtle like blue, but this does not mean carpet is a bad choice for blue rooms! Carpeting is a wonderful option for rooms that are meant to be warm and cozy. They can help muffle footsteps in a noisy household, keep your feet warm on cold days, add traction to steep stairs, and are more forgiving than hardwood for kids learning to walk or anyone who is accident-prone.
If these carpet qualities sound like they would work well in your living space then congratulations! Your redecorating future is soon to be full of carpet samples and contemplation!
Carpet color for Blue Walls
I know that might not sound like the most enjoyable way to spend your free time, but it really doesn’t have to be that bad. In fact, it can even be fun and really rewarding when all of that hard work creates a living space that is just as comfortable as it is beautiful.

Carpet Colors

To help you with your carpeting journey I have gathered a few color options and tips that will help you narrow down your choices and guide you to the perfect carpet to highlight beautiful blue walls. These carpet colors should also work for turquoise color and neutral-colored wall rooms with blue curtains.

Grey Carpet

Grey carpet can get a bad rap and may seem drab next to other color swatches. But that is not the case when it is paired well with a blue room. Grey and blue have something in common, they are both cooler tones. You may be considering, or even already have, a neutral blue paint for the walls that expresses tones of grey. In this case, grey carpeting would pull out the grey tones in the blue walls to create an overall light silvery tone.

Another option would be to match a rich darker blue paint with a light grey carpet. The contrast of light and dark creates a strong and sophisticated feeling, while keeping the room from feeling too dark or cramped.

Beige Color Carpets

At least half of the carpeting section will seem to fall under some form of beige and that is because many colors seem to go well with beige at first glance. But you must keep one thing in mind when it comes to this color family. Not all beige is created equal!

Unlike grey carpet that is specific to cool and neutral tones, beige is known to be available in a range of warm to cool undertones.

No matter what blue you have for the walls it will fall in the range of cool colors. For this reason, you want a neutral to cool beige for your carpeting. A light-yellow toned beige can complement a soft blue room that is highlighted with soft yellows while a light green beige can highlight green undertones if they are present in a darker blue paint. Just be wary of beiges with pink undertones as that warm pink may look cozy and compatible on a small sample, but it will likely clash with the blue walls once it is rolled out from wall to wall.

For more information on identifying and properly using beige undertones in your room check out this article by Maria Killam.

Taupe Color

This is one of those colors that may not come to mind easily when you hear its name. Taupe is a color that falls between grey and brown.

Taupe is neutral of neutrals and because of this it’s variations are most easily differentiated through their undertones. Just like beige, taupe comes in both warm and cool undertone varieties. You still want to be wary of those warm tones in a cool blue room.
Carpet colors that match with blue walls
Light and creamy taupes will open up and soften a space while cool darker taupes with green undertones will add an earthier and richer atmosphere to a space. Many of these colors may seem hard to distinguish in a group of rug samples so take the time to be sure you choose the right variation using the tips discussed later in this article.

Carpet with Pattern

If solid-colored wall to wall carpet felt intimidating then adding patterns may feel like too wild of an option at first.

Take some time to find inspiration in images of patterned rugs in well-designed rooms before working up the courage to look at them as samples in the store. This could help you consider them more seriously and help you understand how different carpet patterns can add a sense of movement and highlight different qualities of your blue room. When you play with patterns you never know what interesting match you may find until you bring a sample into your space.

Carpet Selection Tips:

Walls First

Paint your walls first. Unless you are really in love with a specific carpet let your paint color guide the overall feeling of the room and install the carpet after. This makes it less likely that you will damage the carpet while painting the walls.
Let’s face it, we all leave paint droplets sometimes. This also allows you to visualize samples of the carpet next to the finished walls for perspective and helps you assure that the carpet is highlighting the paint color instead of overwhelming it.

Floor Molding

White floor molding, also known as the baseboard, is a clean transition from the carpet to blue walls. By choosing white it breaks up the colors in the walls and rug a bit without adding any new highlights to the mix. The thicker and more elaborate the molding is the more intense and opulent it will make the room feel. On the other hand, simple and thin white molding will provide a smooth transition from the wall to the floor without overpowering either of them.

Chose Lighter Carpet Than the Walls

In most cases, keep your carpet lighter than the walls. Have you ever noticed that most ceilings are white and not the color of the walls? This is because it gives the illusion of light which opens up the room more, and this is especially important when the walls are a darker color.
If you have light blue walls you can have the carpet come close to the same lightness, but in homes with dark blue walls, it will often be best to choose lighter rugs to keep the space from feeling uncomfortably dark.

Final Thoughts:

I hope that these tips and color options help guide and motivate you on your carpeting journey. Always remember that the space you create will be a direct result of your creative flow. Take this info as inspiration and use it to design your own blue walled and carpeted paradise!