Brick House Trim Colors

Whether you love or hate the color of your brick, you can always improve it with a delightful trim.

The right trim color can turn dull out of date house into a fresh, contemporary home. It’s an easy way to update your look, without that much effort. Like a new haircut at a good hair salon.

What Colors Look Good on Brick Houses?

Brick House Trim Colors
Let’s be honest, you could pick any colour for your trim. But why settle for less than perfect?
Most people think white is the quickest and easy option – after all, white goes with anything, right?


Colors look three times brighter outside. So if you choose a bright yellow, know that guests may be dizzy when they knock on your door.

So this makes whites seem artificial and sterile. For a complimentary white trim, it’s best to pick creamier tones – but we will get into that later.

No matter the color of your brick, it is possible to find the perfect shade. Create an aesthetically pleasing home in your favorite style with a lick of paint.

Trim Colors for Red Brick Houses

Contrary to popular belief the classic red brick house goes well with many trim colors. The red brick has an earthy feel and it is lovely to bring these out. Your trim colors shouldn’t be completely clean and fresh as it will look harsh and out of place.

Sometimes subtle is the best option.

Light cream

Outside this will look like a calm and collected white. It won’t come across as plasticky or too harsh. True white often looks like a primer so light cream is a much better alternative. This is the classic choice for a red brick house. It will look timeless and complement your brick in a simple but pleasing way.

Red brick house with trim


Another simple yet effective choice. A beige trim can add to the warmth of the red brick, creating a cozy and soft feel.

Cream and black

A great color combination! The light cream brings out the soft undertone of the grout whilst the black adds a great contrast. A wonderful contemporary look. I would advise a black door and shutters whilst keeping everything else cream. A lovely edge for a modern home.

These two color combos also work for interior especially if you have a house full of honey oak cabinets.

Bright doors

Feeling brave?

A bright door can look lovely on a red brick home. It gives a polished and welcoming touch. It looks lovely with a cream or beige trim. I love the bright blue used on this home. A green or purple can also add a nice “pop” of color.

What Not to Use

Stay away from red. Although matching the trim to the brick shade can look great, like with cream brick, it doesn’t work well with red. The house can look overbearing and harsh.

Trim Colors for Orange Brick Houses

An orange brick house has a lovely homey feel due to its warm-toned brick. There are lots of exciting trim color combinations you can try out for this style of home.
Orange Brick House Trim ColorsBright orange brick home with green surroundings. Photo by robertcrum/


The most classic choice – as pictured in the image above. The warm shade of the brown trim matches the tone of the brick. This is a color combination that won’t fail.

Cool Grey

For a modern look. A cool grey contrasts with the warm tone of the orange brick and cuts against it nicely. This gives the home a contemporary feel and it is easier to pair with other colors. This option looks great with a bright door.

A cool grey looks chic when paired with our next color.

Hunter Green

Soft, warm, and contemporary. I wouldn’t recommend using Hunter Green for the whole house trim. But it does work very well when paired with other colors. It’s a great color to use on your shutters and door to add a little extra to the house.

Grey and Green are a great combination for a splash of subtle color.

Brown Brick Houses Trim Colors

Luckily, brown brick houses match pretty much any trim. Brown is a mix of all colors (you will get brown if you mix an equal amount of red, blue, and yellow). So it’s no surprise that any color will look good against it. It’s all down to whether you prefer a contemporary or classic theme to match.

Cream trim for brown bricksBeautiful brown brick home in snow. Photo by Feverpitch/

Creamy white

The obvious choice. A creamy white is a classic match that will look great on any brown brick home. The only thing you may find is it stains easier than other colors. If you’re a bit of a clean freak – I’d take this into consideration before making your decision.

Opposite brown

A simple yet effective option. If you have a light brown house, opt for dark brown shutters and windows. If you have a dark brown house, opt for the opposite! Easy peasy! This is a no-fail approach that will look warm and cozy. It’s not very unique and can look a little dated, but it’s safe.

Note: If you’re feeling brave, try out a brighter door! Blue and greens work well with brown trims.

Earthy Colors

Sage green, chocolate brown, dark grey and mauve: all great choices for a brown brick house. They contrast subtly and provide an interesting palette. All these colors work well together. Sage green is a favorite for doors and grey and mauve combined suggests a contemporary home.

brown brick trim color

Trim Colors for Yellow and Cream Brick Houses

A light and wholesome home. Cream brick houses can look very modern and chic when combined with the correct trim color.


Tan trim can have the look of wood beams. A warm and traditional option that looks homey and comforting. Tan colored window trim looks wonderful combined with light cream shutters. The earthy tones of the tan and crisp accents of the cream make a great pairing.

Dark Grey

Dark grey is an excellent choice for door color and window trim. It gives an ultra-modern feel and contrasts well with the lighter stone color. Be careful about using this color all over. It’s wonderful as an accent but it may become overbearing. Try pairing it with a soft cream for a subtle yet chic finish.

Trim color for cream brick house

Cream and Green

I love this color combination! As you can see in the image the green shutter adds a subtle dash of color. The cream window trim looks fresh and vibrant. This combined with a dark door gives a modern and welcoming look. A winning color combination.

Time to decide!

When making your decision be sure to think about the feel you want your home to have. Is it a contemporary look? Is it classic? Your trim can assist with giving your house the right personalized feel. It can make your house look like a home.