What Color Walls Go With Blue Curtains?

When you think of the color blue, what comes to mind?

Maybe you thought of the sky, the ocean, a sports jersey, gemstones, or even Cinderella’s dress. That is because blue is a versatile color that can bring a sense of joy and energy to everyday life! There are many ways to bring vibrant blues into your home, but curtains are a particularly beautiful choice. The natural light coming through windows serves to highlight curtains, by showing off their true colors and drawing attention to them.

When contemplating new curtains it is important to consider the walls as well. Finding a paint color to compliment blue curtains can feel daunting. So I have organized some options here to inspire your own unique style!

Blue and Whites Matching Colors

If you are looking for a bright and energized atmosphere consider solid blues for the curtains and match them with a white wall. By doing this the walls of the room become a canvas that you can paint with vivid colors. Curtains are often the most space consuming item on walls which gives them the power to work as a statement piece. You can go for solid blues with textured fabrics or even a shimmery element.
wall colors go with blue curtains
It is important that you chose a blue that makes you happy and is pleasing for you to look at because the contrast of the white walls will draw your eyes to the curtains often.

Once you have chosen the blue that fits your look for a white that compliments it. Off whites like eggshell and ivory are also compatible, but it is important to keep in mind how easy it will be to find furniture and decorations of a similar color. With this style of bold colors in contrast to plain whites, you will need a few white items like tables and chairs to adorn with other pops of color. If it is easier you can even pick out the white items first and find matching paint for the walls after.

To tie it all together find some decorations that mix white with other bold colors and even a pattern. You can keep it restricted to shades of blue for a cooler feel or you can spice things up with some warm colors like corals, yellows, and oranges. These decorations can range from rugs to a stack of beautiful books depending on your style and the patterns serve to add some movement to the overall look.

This style is a fun option to continuously change things up, so if you love shopping for accessories this bold blue curtained room is a great excuse!

Complementory Colors: Blue and Yellows, Greys, or Lavender

Choosing blue curtains doesn’t mean other colors are out of the question. Patterned curtains are a wonderful way to work colors into a room and, depending on the pattern, they can inspire what color you paint your walls.
Colors that go with blue curtains
If you were to choose a delicate blue curtain mixed with soft yellows and whites it opens up the opportunity to paint the walls a yellow from that pattern. By doing this The yellow in the curtain is highlighted by the matching paint while the blue of the curtain stands out in contrast to the walls. If you were to choose a more complex curtain with three colors you end up with more options for paint. Let’s say you chose a patterned curtain with silvery blue, soft grey, and warm yellow. You could keep it simple with white walls or get more colorful with grey or yellow paint. If you want to make things interesting you could even paint a singular wall one of those colors while keeping the rest white to create a statement wall that pulls the space together.

It is important to choose a color from patterned curtains that fits the feeling you want the room to evoke and to choose a less dominant color from the curtain. For example, a curtain that is mostly blue with a little lavender would blend into a blue wall, but stand out on a lavender wall. So pick a pattern that catches your eye, grab some paint swatches, and see what combo feels right in your space!

Other Colors That Go Well With Blue

If your inspiration for blue curtains stems from a love of something specific then why not embrace that? Themed rooms are a great opportunity to break the mold and create a space that represents something special. Normally you would not drench a room in just one color, but If your daughter is a fan of Cinderella then shimmery blue curtains that would match her dress could be paired with even more Cinderella blues on the walls. Or maybe your child loves the ocean. In that case, you should choose rich blue walls with fish stencils, bubbly blue curtains, and turquoise or seaweed green rugs.
Blue curtains color combo
On a more grown-up note, you may have a favorite sports team that you would like to design an entertainment room after. Many sports teams use blue and sometimes it is coupled with colors you would not normally paint a room, like gold, red or bright orange. In this case, you can match the solid blue curtains with a simple wall, like white, and add hints of the team’s other bold colors as decorations around the room. If you are looking for a bolder representation of your favorite players then go all out with those blue curtains and orange walls or whatever other colors the team uses.

Whether the theme is Cinderella or the New England Patriots it is important to keep a few things in mind. Break up bold or repetitive colors with some white, have a clear idea of how intense you want the theme to be, and be sure you truly love the theme you are choosing. So get creative with your blue curtains and wall paint to design a room that is all about something you love!