Bedroom Color Recommendations

The bedroom is where you seek to find rest and ultimate relaxation. After all, you spend one-third of your life sleeping. It’s really a good idea to invest your time, effort, and resources in making sure that your sleeping quarters are as comfy as possible.
Unfortunately, a lot of people think that when it comes to finding the right color for bedroom renovations that they just need to go with existing designs and call it a day. Well, the truth is, like your living room this interior space can actually be a palette or an open space for your personality.

Bedroom Color Recommendations

Bedroom color recommendations
I recommend light hues of neutral colors such as grey, blue, and green for most people.

For children and young adults, vibrant colors such as yellow, purple, red, and pink will provide them the energy they need to stay active all day.

If you are struggling with the quality of your sleep, try dark shades as your bedroom wall paint color.

How to Choose the Paint Color for Bedroom?

Consider it a blank canvas with which you can paint the colors, hues, and other expressions of your moods and your character. It’s all about you. Make your bedroom represent everything that is unique, engaging, and exciting about you. This is why you need to come up with a color scheme that not only soothes you so you can get ready to put in eight hours’ worth of sleep but, it also reflects your identity. You want a place where you feel relaxed when you are about to sleep and feel rejuvenated when you wake up. Here are some color schemes or bedroom renovations or projects that do exactly that.

10 Bedroom Floor and Wall Color Combinations

See the pictures of the bedroom with different color furniture and the respective color palettes. I found that a bedroom dual color combination works best for most people.

Blue Grey Bedroom Dual Color Combination

Blue has always been associated with the sky. When people look at the sky, they see possibility but blue also represents the sea. It is a calm, expansive, and limitless. If you want peace and serenity in your bedroom as you try to get some shuteye, then you should try bringing in a little bit of the sea and the sky with this blue shade.

Blue Grey bedroom dual color combination

Check out this bedroom that has a nice blue-grey dual color combination.
If you want to accent it use white. There’s just something about the blue sea and the white sky that helps bring a sense of composure, unity, and relief. To mix things up, you can add some red for an overall nautical vibe. Also check what color flooring carpets goes well with blue wall.


Different shades of grey will look good in your bedroom. They have an almost off-white effect. You can also go to the other extreme and pick a rich charcoal-hued grey.

Grey Bedroom Wall blue floor combination

The great thing about grey is that it is a neutral color and there’s a soothing effect about it. They don’t compete for your attention or prove something. They’re just there and when you’re ready to nod off, it’s nice to have something that doesn’t take up much of your mental and sensory real estate such as grey.

The neutral color can be livened up a bit by complimenting it with bright colored bedding and artwork on the walls.


This color brings rest to most human eyes. It is a symbol of renewal. When we think of green, we think of something fresh, living, and nature. This is precisely the kind of feeling we want to get when we are about to sleep. To make the green theme truly work, use natural elements such as wood to bring necessary accents to your bedroom.

Green Tan Dual color combination

In the above image green-tan bedroom dual color combination works well with wooden furniture.


Purple has always been the color of royalty thanks to the fact that the sea life used to create purple dye was very rare. It’s not a surprise that for the longest time, only very rich people could afford purple clothing. Royalty and elegance are wrapped up with the color purple historically. If you add blue sapphire, ruby red, turquoise, and other jewel tones to your whole color scheme, you get a nice bedroom interior that makes you feel rich, opulent, and well taken care of.

You just have to ensure that you don’t go to extremes with this color and that’s why you have to accent it with the jewel shades to bring a natural balance to bright violets.


Ocean colors instantly create a relaxing feeling. There’s nothing like being out on the water and feeling the warm sea breeze waving through your hair and scanning the cloud-covered horizon. There’s something about the sense of possibility that can ease the most troubled soul. Ocean hues have this effect.

Aqua White bedroom color combo

Pair this theme up with sea greens or golden tan and crisp whites on your bedding and bring in lots of natural light through your windows. If you do this, you get a nice tranquil ambiance in your bedroom. To round everything out, contrast with warm-colored wood similar to your choice of bed.
A slightly greenish blue color called turquoise is also a great choice for bedrooms and works well for bathrooms.


If you want something quick, simple, and tried and proven you can never go wrong with a white color theme. The problem is that if you go too far, it will feel like a hospital bedroom. Not exactly a warm and welcoming place. This is why it’s really important to bring in natural elements and other soft textures. Keep the room clutter-free to preserve a nice and relaxing atmosphere.


This is ideal for bedrooms for kids or bedrooms that are intended for a romantic ambiance. To avoid giving the room too much of a feminine vibe, mix it up with some burlap or linens with global patterns. You can also try casual fabrics.

Pink bedroom color palette

You need to be careful with the hue of pink. It has to work for all the people who spend time in that bedroom.
It makes sense to paint the walls of your teenage daughter’s bedroom with a dark pink color. However, I prefer a more subtle pastel shade of pink which is suitable for most people.


Red is the color of adventure and it is a color that cannot be denied. It definitely will make your head turn. This is why it is so energizing.
Red bedroom walls
You may be thinking to yourself, isn’t that the last thing I’d want if I’m about to go to sleep? I don’t want to be invigorated. I want to wind down. A red color theme for your bedroom can actually work because you need that pop of energy when you wake up.

In fact, you will not have trouble waking up to this color scheme but the key is to pick the right hue so it doesn’t stand out and slap you around when you are tired and ready to go to bed. At the same time, it should be vibrant enough to give you an extra boost when you start your day.

Regardless of the red hue you pick, pair it with rich woods and warmer hues. You can utilize brave prints on your sheets such as Indian blocks to give more personality to your bedroom.


Yellow has always been a sunny and happy shade. It will work well for your bedroom too. If you want a place that will wake you up to all the opportunities and possibilities of the coming morning, yellow is a good choice.

Bedroom Yellow wall cherry wood furniture

You can’t go overboard though. One way to minimize the effect of yellow is to place some accent to the theme by using other colors such as greens and reds. You can do this easily by putting the right bedside tables that are colored as mentioned or even a lamp.
I like the look of the dark red cherry wood furniture with the creamy yellow walls.

Dark Colors

Let’s face it, extreme dark colors like black is an unnatural bedroom color.

Dark bedroom color

But a lot of people have a tough time getting eight hours of sleep. Even if they manage to shut their eyes for hours, their sleep quality isn’t that good. So you might want to try black or dark shades like Navy blue since these bedroom colors help you sleep well. There’s a totality to dark colors that is quite calming and soothing. It also is stylish and quite cozy once you get used to it.

To break up the darkness use art pieces on the walls. Maybe some metal and glass pieces that would look elegant and sophisticated while at the same time not getting in the way of the relaxing effect of the black theme.

The final word

You spend one-third of your life sleeping. It’s really a good idea to invest in the quality of the decor, colors, and the general ambiance of this interior space. Believe it or not, your bedroom plays a big role in your mental and emotional development.
How come?

It is closely tied to the condition of your sleep. Spend in this vital piece of internal real estate by picking out the right color for bedroom renovations.