Best Paint Colors for Bathrooms

Bathrooms are places for relaxation as we take a shower or spend some soothing time in the tub before we start our day or we turn in after a day’s work. The bathroom is also given a central role in terms of your mental and emotional health.
It is crucial to decorate this room in such a way that it gives you a sense of calmness, peace, and tranquility. This should be your overriding philosophy when picking out the right color for bathroom improvements. Thanks to modern bathroom designs, we can use colors to help bring the perfect ambiance to this room in the house.

Bathroom Paint Color Ideas

Bathroom paint ideas
Your first step is to focus on the overall bathroom paint color that is going to provide the main framework for your bathroom interior space. Here are some tried and proven bathroom color combinations and design ideas.

Blue and Gray

If you want peace and quiet, natural colors are not your only options. You can mix up a muddy gray shade with soft cream trims to showcase a soothing effect. An accent wall will complement the all-color theme throughout the room and will create the illusion of wider space. Feel free to add accents pieces to decorate your bathroom.

The great thing about blue walls and gray combinations is that they give you a lot of space to work with. You don’t feel constrained or that you have to work in a particular corner or spot. They kind of open up the emotional space of the geographic area that you are painting.

Dusty jade

Jade green bathroom color
Natural colors will also look great in your bathrooms such as leafy green and sandy beige. If you buy a bright white tub, this color combination will work well with the entire theme giving your indoor space a sense of “openness”. This is done through the color scheme providing breathing space between the hues. This is a popular color for bathroom renovations.

Charcoal theme

Charcoal colors] painted in between darker colors like black do have quite an emotional impact but they are actually warmer than grey colors. You can add natural colors to the scheme like raw wood brown and you can also paint over your tub to create a cohesive look throughout the bathroom. There’s no need to add bright colors for this scheme to work its magic. Its darkness is quite calming and soothing.

Pretty in pink

A wall painted with a powdery pink color can form a perfect backdrop for accents. The key here is accentuation. You can’t just go with the color pink and call it a day. You also have to pay attention to what you will emphasize it with.

Pink Paint for bathrooms

One of the best choices involves snowy white and similar shades. Silver finishes courtesy of your furniture will definitely compliment this theme. These warm hues will be great for bathrooms that have minimal natural light coming in. If you have a bathroom that has no windows, you might want to consider playing around with a pink palette.

Sky blue

Light blue colors are a very popular choice for bathroom walls. Blue shades are typically pleasant. This pretty much works across the board.

Most people associate light blue shades with the sky, openness, possibilities, and calm that it represents. It can also stand-in for the sea and its vast expanse and serenity. If you are looking to create an outdoorsy and tranquil look in your bathroom, you might want to consider sky blue.

Bright white

Though clean white is the most common color theme for bathrooms in the United States, bright white can still work for you. The majority of people instantly discount or count out common themes. The reason why the bright white or all-white color palette is so popular in most American bathrooms is that it works.

Elegant White color for bathrooms

You can layer the neutral look with different textures like straw baskets, salvaged wood, and reflective glass tiles to provide an accent to your white bathroom. In other words, just because you’re starting with a white palette doesn’t mean that you have to follow what everyone else is doing. Let the accents make this bathroom space all your own.

Seafoam green

Make your bathroom feel like a spa by utilizing soft greens and white spaces. This creates a fusion of contemporary and traditional styles. Another color that falls under this is turquoise which has a unique feel. You can bring accents to the theme by adding beige to the warm colors without moving away from the refreshing ambiance created.

Old parchment

Elegant cream color paint for bathrooms

Vintage colors will also work for your bathrooms such as creamy whites. Provide metallic accents plus pink pop here and there and your space will yell out elegance and tranquility. The dark wooden furniture in the bathroom accentuates the elegance of the color scheme.

Grey Ash

Granite and concrete floors can have a greyish look to them. Pair this with dark wood flooring which will give your bathroom a sophisticated and expensive look. Use bright white trimmings to provide some contrast to the overall dark theme.


For those who want to move away from traditional bathroom colors, you can try using orange-red. It is a great color theme because it is extraordinary and it provides cheer to your space. You can play around with it to tone it down by adding accents like teal and dark blue.

Navy Blue

Navy blue has been gaining popularity nowadays and it’s easy to see why. This color scheme looks traditional. There’s something nautical or even preppy about it. You can paint the color over your cabinets and partner it with reflective surfaces.


These are colors like taupe. They are cozy and warm and they would work with pretty much anything like blues, pinks, and light greens. The overall effect you get is serene while at the same time luxurious.

Colorful Thoughts

As you know, you spend a lot of time in your bathroom. In fact, right next to your kitchen your bathroom probably takes up most of your time. It’s really important to make the best use of this space. It doesn’t have to be just some indoor spot used to take care of your personal hygiene. You can make it a celebration of your personality as well as personal preferences. Use the color themes discussed above so you can pick the perfect color for bathroom improvements and renovation.