In 2018, I decided to build a new house in my hometown, a small town in the upcountry. After years of working, I have saved enough money to build one. So in late 2018, I bought this small piece of land which is not far from my sister’s house. And in 2019, the building contractor started his work.

We discussed it with the builder and finalized on the layout and plan. Although I am not an architect, I know how to read blueprints and designs. I am a mechanical engineer by trade. The layout was good, but I was not really happy with the interior design that the contractor proposed. It looked a bit dated for me. I wanted a modern and stylish design. So instead of hiring an interior designer, I decided to take matters in my hand.

I had some basic interior design ideas in my mind but decided to research further to see the design options out there. That was when I got pulled into the wonderful world of home decor and design. During the process, I learned a lot. I thought if I shared the experience, it would benefit others as well.

I am not only interested in home decor but also in several other areas including garden design, color combinations, photography, etc. Soon, I realized that I love the design aspects of things. That’s how GoodDesigns.net was born.