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Looking to buy a new home?
Finding and purchasing your perfect home or property can be a difficult task not to mention time consuming. My web site is designed to help you search for properties with ease along with keeping you up to date with new listings as they hit the market. This makes finding your property easier, quicker, and gives you the advantage of seeing new listings before most agents see them.
Difficulties can start once you find the property you want to purchase. I am here to help assist you. I can help minimize the frustration and take care of all the major and minor details like make appointments, negotiate price, make sure all inspections are completed in a timely manor and most important, make your property purchase one of the most exciting and stress free experiences you’ve ever had.
What is the price range?
Take a look at the numbers with these helpful Financial Calculators.
Calculates mortgage payment based on loan amount, length of loan, and intrest rate.
Calculates the size of the loan that the FHA is willing to insure.
You input your income, debt, down payment, and calculate what price home you can afford. The interest rate and debt-to-income ratios are variable and allow you to "play" with different scenarios.
Allows you to calculate whether it makes more sense for you to buy or rent, and is very flexible - even allowing you to determine the savings rate (opportunity cost) if you invested your extra money.
Determine your purchase range with a minimum and maximum payment under different down payment scenarios.

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